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  • World in Focus & Simply the Truth ~ discussions of Adventist belief on live TV.

    World in Focus with Victor HulbertIn April 2009 Victor Hulbert, Communication Director for the Seventh-day Adventist church in the UK and Ireland, was invited to appear on the Genesis TV programme, 'World in Focus' for a live, unscripted discussion of Adventist beliefs. With the inclusion of phone calls and emails from viewers, topics ranged from the assurance of salvation we have in Jesus Christ, to the Trinity, our relation to the law as a response to God's grace, the investigative judgment, health and hell.  Hosted by Doug Harris of Reachout Trust and Gerard Chrispin of Daylight Christian Prison Trust there was some lively discussion, consensus on some points and Simply the truth studiodisagreement on others.


    Following the interest generated by the programme Victor was invited back for a second discussion on the 2 hour programme, 'Simply the Truth', aired on Thursday, 3 December. While the guests had agreed a rough agenda of 6 items, the animated discussion focused primarily on 'the Sabbath' and 'the security of our salvation'.


    Genesis TV own the copyright to 'World in Focus' and 'Simply the Truth' but in the interests of broader discussion they have given us permission to make the two shows available for viewing or download. Right click on the link and 'save target as' (or 'save link as' in Firefox) if you wish to download the wmv file or just click to view online.

    1. WORLD IN FOCUS. (23 April 2009) 1 1/2 hours, 380mb.

    2. SIMPLY THE TRUTH. (3 December 2009) 2 hours, 552mb.

    For a BUC News report on World In Focus see BUC News 634 (1 May 2009). John Wilby reviews Simply the Truth in BUC News 662 (4 December 2009). David Marshall also Reviews Simply the Truth in the 5 February 2010 edition of Messenger.Simply the truth -Adventists

    UPDATE: In October 2012, Victor Hulbert returned to Revelation TV at the invitation of Doug Harris, for a 'Simply the truth' series entitled, 'Seventh-day Adventists: Hard Questions'. These programmes are available on the Simply the Truth website.

    Genesis and Revelation TV is one of the largest UK based Christian TV channels and is available on the sky platform (Channel 592) and the internet.

    Premier RadioUNBELEVABLE on Premier Christian Radio. Pastors David Burnett and Victor Hulbert joined with Justin Brierley and Doug Harris in a discussion of Adventist Beliefs on the Premier Christian Radio programme, 'Unbelievable' aired Saturday (Sabbath), 10 April 2010. The programme is available as a podcast on the Premier Radio website.

    For a more detailed statement of what Seventh-day Adventists believe visit our 'beliefs' page. Also, see what other Christians say when they visit an Adventist church: Kari visits Belfast church, Myrto visits Bury St Edmunds, and Christopher a self-described 'off beat Christian Theologian' meets Adventists in North Carolina. The external website below can also be very helpful.

    SDA For Me

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