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Creation Resources Trust

Creation Resources Trust

P O Box 3237, Yeovil, BA22 7WD
Tel/Fax: 01935 850569

Useful links on their website:

*Institute for Creation Research
*Creation Research Society
*Biblical Creation Ministries
*Creation Science Movement
*Creation Research UK
*Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia
*Biblical Creation Society
*Centre for Science & Culture
*The Genesis Agendum
*Creation Moments
*The Darwin Papers
*Forgotten History
*Creation Tips
*Truth in Science
*ID in the UK
*Creation Research & Apologetics Society of India

The world is celebrating Darwin's bi-centenary during 2009 but a worldwide growing group
of hundreds of serious scientists are publicly asserting that science demonstrates that Darwin is wrong.
Unfortunately effective media and academic blackout stop these facts from being widely known.

Here are some websites whose information you can use to share with your children/teens
stating the truth that, “God made me special”.

Darwin Revisited - Videos, audio, magazines and resources from the Adventist Church.

Other useful websites which also sell DVDs, tracts and books for children:

  • Creation Ministries International
    15 Station Street, Whetstone, Leicestershire, LE8 6JS
    Tel: 0845 6800 264

  • Trinity Vision
    8 St John's Parade, Alinora Crescent, Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex,
    BN12 4HJ
    Tel: 0845 166 8464

  • Trinity Vision sells a number of DVDs and videos, including ‘Life's Story'
    that gives evidence against Darwinism.

  • Adventist Book Centre .
    The following resources are found on this website:

    Video - The Kids Creation Story

    Video/DVD Animated Kids Bible — Creation


    Adam & Eve (creation & redemption), by Ruth Redding Brand
    A Brand New World, by Cari House
    God Makes a Promise, by Cari House
    Evidence for Creation, by George Javor
    Where did they come from… Dinosaurs …and where did they go? By E Graham-Kennedy

    Teaching Series

    Discover God's Creation (age group 10-13)
    Explore God's Creation (age group 14-16)
    Books for this series include: resource book, students' textbook, teachers' textbook

    Holiday Bible School - The Amazing Creation

Links to some of the issues for Christians and the book of Genesis today






























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