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Mission Statement

The mission of the Education Department of the British Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is to:
  • promote the values of Seventh-day Adventist education throughout the constituency of the Union and to make education a vehicle for helping pupils to come to know Jesus;
  • formulate and develop the educational policy framework and instruments necessary for delivering an efficient and effective education service;
  • provide support, advice and to monitor the work of educational institutions operating within the authority of the British Union;
  • seek to improve the access to Christian education for Adventist children.

The above mission is delivered through the five broad operational areas set out below:

1) Administration

This area covers aspects such as:

  • Strategic planning

  • Initiating policies to further the mission of the department

  • Managing the on-going review of education policies

2) Development

This area covers aspects such as:

  • Negotiating state maintained status for BUC schools

  • Promoting the concept of church-based primary schools

  • Organising the writing of curriculum documents

3) Evangelism

This area covers aspects such as:

  • Promoting and monitoring the use of faith and learning curriculum materials by our teachers.

  • Encouraging each school to formulate a Spiritual Master Plan

  • Monitoring the impact of schools on pupilsí spiritual and moral development and church growth

4) Raising Education Standards

This area covers aspects such as:

  • A three yearly primary inspection cycle

  • Regular monitoring of secondary schools

  • Assisting schools with whole school review and operational and strategic planning

  • In-service training and the development of curriculum materials

5) Services

This area covers aspects such as:

  • Attending School Board meetings

  • Holding regular consultation meetings with headteachers

  • Developing and maintaining the education web site

  • Producing home schooling materials for parents

  • Advising and supporting education secretaries in local churches









Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
Newbold Student Grants

:: Dudley House
:: Fletewood
:: Harper Bell
:: Hyland House
:: Little Eden
:: Newbold
:: Stanborough

:: Eden High School
:: John Loughborough
:: Stanborough

:: Handbook - Policies can be requested from the BUC

:: Home Schooling


:: Policy for Newbold Student Grants
:: Guidance Details
:: 25% Grant Application Form
The Newbold Experience - video
More information on Newbold College

Diary Dates:

Stanborough SchoolTime limited offer of Scholarships and Bursaries for Stanborough Secondary School. Stanborough School’s Scholarship scheme aims to make Adventist Education more accessible to outstanding students. Candidates must apply for entry for the following academic year and demonstrate academic potential.

Stanborough School’s Bursary scheme aims to support families that are currently opting out of the Adventist education system due to financial considerations. Candidates will be required to demonstrate both academic potential and financial need.

Both types of award are multiannual. The 2012/13 scholarships and bursaries will provide an additional 7 places for prospective students applying for entry in Year 7, Year 9, or Year 10. Click here for more details.

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