The Youth Department at the Seventh-day Adventist World headquarters in Washington DC is planning to compile a Youth Song Book reflecting the talents and styles of Adventist youth across the world.  The Trans-European Region of the church has been given the opportunity to submit 12 songs.  Since the Adventist church in the UK and Ireland has the largest membership in this region it would be wonderful to have at least one entry in that songbook. 


Here is the challenge:  If you are a songwriter and would like to submit an entry, please read the following guidelines carefully and send in your entry to Pastor D. Boldeau, Youth Department, BUC, Stanborough Park, Watford WD25 9JZ.  Or email <>.

Last entry date is 19th September 2007.


Guidelines For Composing Songs For The Adventist Youth Song Book:


1.  The song should glorify GOD. 1 Corinthians 10:31.


2.  The song should employ lyrics that positively stimulate intellectual abilities as well as the emotions and the will power.


3.  Good lyrics are creative, rich in content, and of good composition.  They focus on the positive and reflect moral values; they educate and uplift; and they correspond with sound Biblical theology.


4.  The song should foster our spiritual, psychological, and social sensitivity, and our intellectual growth, and  be characterized by quality, balance, appropriateness, and authenticity.


5.  The music should be holistic, appealing to both the intellect and the emotions and affecting the body in a positive way.


6.  The music should reveal creativity rather than monotony and repetitiveness.


7.  The song should be drawn from quality melodies, harmonies used in an interesting and artistic way, and rhythm that complements them.


8.  We recognize and acknowledge the contribution of different cultures in worshiping God. Musical forms and instruments vary greatly in the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist family, and music drawn from one culture may sound strange to someone from a different culture. As members of a world family, we respect the music of our brothers and sisters in every land who worship God sincerely through music.  (Adapted from:  GC Music Guidelines)