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What is is a strategic vision to involve Adventists in building lasting friendships with secular people and in the process of leading such people to Jesus Christ.

What is the difference between a process and a programme?

A 'process' in the context of is a series of connected actions which will lead people to Jesus Christ. A 'programme' is a specific event, which can be a part of the process.

Who is targeting? is targeting secular people, whose basis for morality is non-religious. Secular, post-modern people make up the major proportion of western society today.

When does start? as a process has already started. The British Union Conference is promoting the concept and is encouraging every church in the UK and Ireland to include in its evangelistic plans and get every member involved in the process.

What does 'Get Connected' mean?

'Get Connected' is the first phase of and is designed to help church members connect and develop friendships with secular people. The aim is for each church member to make 3 or 4 new friends before October 2003, perhaps by inviting them to a LIFEdevelopment group or centre.

Will we have to register for

When a LIFEdevelopment group registers it will receive resource materials such as the Chasing Utopia and Lifestyle Magazine video sets, as well as copies of the new magazine, and information on how to use these materials.

What are LIFEdevelopment centres and café churches?

The idea of LIFEdevelopment centres and café churches is to provide a place where secular people can join a LIFEdevelopment group which meets in church facilities, or similar buildings, to socialise, share a meal, and hopefully make lasting friendships.

Will we have to stop our regular evangelistic programme?

No. Regular evangelistic programmes will continue. The process of will develop over a period of time. When secular people in the LIFEdevelopment groups are ready, they can be invited to an evangelistic event.

How much will cost my local church?

Because the Adventist Church in the UK and Ireland has adopted this concept as one of its main outreach projects many of the resources will be supplied to local LIFEdevelopment groups and churches free of charge. If extra materials are required then there may be a charge. The purchase of video and satellite equipment will be the responsibility of local groups and churches, but we will try to get some competitive prices on these items.

How does Pastor Dwight Nelson fit into the concept?

As part of the process here in the UK and Ireland, a live media event will take place from Monday 6 to Friday 17 October 2003 involving Pastor Dwight Nelson. He will be presenting a 60-minute talk show, presenting biblical values without getting too "religious". The material will cover such topics as origins, forgiveness, and suffering, etc. These programmes will also be available on video for future use.


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