Visit LIFEdevelopment website Magazine is a very readable magazine, with short articles, lots of pictures, and lots of good advice. Only a few of the articles are on religious matters as the magazine is primarily targeted at non-religious people. is being published every two months and Adventist church members are being encouraged to order large quantities so that they can be given away free. The magazines are easy to give to family, friends and colleagues, but they can also be put through letterboxes and even, with the appropriate permission, placed at supermarket checkouts and in other public places. To order magazine please see the Personal Ministries Secretary at your local church.

You can download any of the magazines which have been published so far by right-clicking on the links below and selecting "Save Target as..." from the menu. Note that the magazines are in .pdf format and, as the files can be around 2 Mb in size, they may take quite a while to download. Note also that you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer in order to read the file. This can be downloaded free.

Vol 6 Issue 3Vol 6 Issue2Vol 6 Issue 1 Volume 5 Issue 2 Volume 5 Issue 1 Volume 4 Issue 4 Volume 4 Issue 3 Volume 4 Issue 2 Volume 4 Issue 1 Volume 3 Issue 5 Volume 3 Issue 4 Volume 3 Issue 3 Volume 3 Issue 2 Volume 3 Issue 1 Volume 2 Issue 5 Volume 2 Issue 4 Volume 2 Issue 3 Volume 2 Issue 2 Volume 2 Issue 1 Volume 1 Issue 1

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