Sunset times for cities in the UK and Ireland

Date Aber Belf Birm Card Cork Dubl Edin Galw Glas Lond Manc Newc Norw Nott Plym Rhyl
24 May 20199:369:369:099:099:329:319:329:419:368:569:159:218:569:089:089:21
31 May 20199:489:469:189:189:419:409:439:519:479:059:249:319:069:179:169:31
07 Jun 20199:579:549:259:259:489:489:529:589:569:129:329:409:139:259:239:39
14 Jun 201910:0410:009:319:309:549:549:5910:0410:039:179:389:469:199:319:289:45
21 Jun 201910:0810:049:349:339:579:5710:0210:0710:069:219:419:499:229:349:319:48

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The sixteen cities in this list have been chosen because of their geographical spread around the UK and Ireland, not necessarily because of their size, population, or Adventist presence. If you are unsure of the abbreviations above the cities are: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Cork, Dublin, Edinburgh, Galway, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth, and Rhyl.

In keeping with the principles outlined in the Bible Seventh-day Adventists observe the Sabbath from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday, as a day of rest, worship, and ministry. Sunset times are dependent on both date and location and it is helpful for Adventists have an idea of when the sun is setting where they are. See the Fundamental Beliefs page for more information on what Adventists believe and practice.

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